Williams Interactive Announces New Cool Jewels Online Slot

Williams Interactive Announces New Cool Jewels Online Slot

Williams Interactive is better known as WMS, because it is significantly easier to write, and is known as one of the better producers of quality casino games. WMS is amongst the largest and best land based slots suppliers in the world, so when Williams Interactive announces new Cool Jewels online slot, you can believe that all slots aficionados are going perk up their ears.

Williams Interactive’s list of innovations have been instrumental in transforming slots play. The trend away from the standard, regular video slots games to those designed with some atypical and distinctive features is not only the forte of Net Entertainment, but also of Williams Interactive. WMS has had success in devising innovative ways of winning pay-outs and this is evident in the new Cool Jewels online slot.

Bringing Innovation to Slots Play

Before the internet changed the playground completely, slot machines were limited to standard symbols of horseshoes, some different fruit, various black bars and stars and bells. WMS slots games were, in fact, the first games to display the multi-coin and secondary bonuses that are standard fare today. WMS slots then took this innovation development to the nth degree, and all sorts of different themes and game aspects started appearing. They have, in the course of this development, also picked up several awards for commitment to excellence.

Cool Jewels slots game is very different to the usual slots game. When Williams Interactive announced new Cool Jewels online slot, as can be expected, new features were automatically expected. Cool Jewels is a slots game that looks more like some sort of arcade game, there are no reels, and the gem symbols are set in a six reel square grid. The symbols do, nevertheless, spin into position much like in a normal slots game.


The Cool Jewels Innovation

Williams Interactive announces new Cool Jewels online slot game, and introduces a new way of spinning the reels. Two meters are set either side of the six reel grid. One meter shows the value of the symbols appearing in the grid, while the other indicates how many free spins are left. Players have the opportunity to add a bet multiplier up to a value of 400, and can thereby control the level of betting stake.

The only reel symbol in Cool Jewels is either a red, yellow, turquoise, pink, blue or green gemstone. Winning entails four identical symbols appearing, and can be arranged vertically or horizontally on the grid. Williams Interactive has given Cool Jewels another innovative feature, the Cascading Reels feature. This means that the Exploding Wild symbols have the power to destroy some of the other symbols, this means leaving gaps on the reels that are subsequently filled with fresh symbols dropping into the spaces.

A Whole New Range of Wild Symbols

There are three different Exploding Wild symbols. Apart from the Exploding Wild, the game has a Shocking Wild, and a Blasting Wild. These destroy symbols either diagonally or horizontally on the reels, respectively. This innovation is what WMS aims for in their slot machines. When Williams Interactive announces new Cool Jewels online slot, then what they are actually saying is that here is something new, fresh and completely different from the dozens of similar games. The only thing they have in common is being interactive, high energy slots games with great features and overabundant opportunities for slots fun and enjoyment. Even the bonus games and features are unique.