Casino Games with the Best Odds

Canadian casino players will all have their own opinion on the games that they feel are best suited to them.  Casino games are subjective, every player has their favourite.  Some Canadian players may enjoy a thrilling game of Craps while other players may prefer a strategic game of Pai Gow Poker.

With casino odds the numbers speak for themselves.  There are variations depending on which online casino players are using, but these are generally small variations which are determined by small differences in the rules of each game.


It has been said that Blackjack has the best odds whether playing in a land based casino or online, but players must make sure they use a strategy when playing as this will improve the odds.  There are many variations of Blackjack online and most of these have a very low house edge.  Variations of Blackjack such as classic, European and Vegas Strip Blackjack have a house edge of below 0.4% and the other variations all have a house edge of below 1%.  Canadian Blackjack players will find it difficult to find a card game online with such low odds and gives players the best shot at winning.

Video Poker

Video Poker is another online gambling game that has great odds.  Video Poker is also played using a strategy and is the best way to get the most out of this game.  The odds of Video Poker will differ depending on which variation Canadian players have chosen.  Jacks or Better has great odds when played using a good strategy and offers players a return of around 99.52%.  When playing Video Poker players should look for a game that has a 9/6 paytable as these will payout 9 to 1 for a full house and 6 to 1 for a flush.  Casino games with payout odds like these are known as “full pay” games.


Although Baccarat is not as popular as other online casino games, it is one of those games that has great odds.  Banker or player bets have a house edge of around 1% even if a number of unfavourable decks are used.  The tie bet in Baccarat does have a higher casino edge.  As with Poker the lower house edge for the banker and player bet is assuming that the player is using a good strategy.

European Roulette

There are different variations of Roulette each with different odds.  The house edge of American Roulette is 5.26% and with European Roulette it is significantly lower at 2.7%.  Players can work out the house edge of Roulette by dividing the zeros by the amount of pockets.  For Roulette players at online or mobile casinos Canada, it is always better to choose the European option with the more favourable odds.


Craps offers a bet that has no house edge and is known as an odds bet.  Once a point has been set players can place another bet after their initial pass or don’t pass bet.  This bet is a multiple of a player’s initial bet and the maximum bet is determined by the online casino.  This type of bet will payout the actual odds of a win, the bigger the bet, the more the odds will improve.  Players can avoid bets with a high house edge by placing simple bets and staying away from complex bets.  The simple bets will have a house edge of around 1%.  No strategy is needed when playing Craps.

Understanding the odds of various casino games is important as it will determine how much a player will win or lose.

Thinking about Online Casino Bonus Options in Canada

One of the more exciting aspects of casino gaming online is that of the online casino bonus options involved. For the players of Canada these options are constantly growing and reshaping themselves into something new and improved. These options allow for some rather rapid starts to the gaming experience and can be the decider between a good online experience and one considerably lacking. Either way though this avenue will be explored further, both here and through the experience that the players gain as they search the web for such options.

When looking at the online casino bonus offers there is a good deal to involve from the other aspects around such an experience. The reason for this is that many of the bonuses come in the form of other such options, and make those avenue more entertaining. This means that the players should look to solve the issue of their own preferences regarding this industry in order to find the bonuses that will appeal the most to them. The players of Canada can then effectively streamline the bonuses and options around these to better familiarise themselves with the ones they will likely enjoy most.

Discussing the Different Bonuses Available Online

For the players of Canada there is a lot to discover online regarding this particular industry and the casino bonus options spur this on with an increasing rate. For those unfamiliar with the available types of bonuses to expect there are a couple rather rigid fields to work within. For example, one of the more popular forms of bonuses at casinos online Canada that the players will encounter is that of the sign up and welcome variety. These bonuses allow for players just starting out with the particular casinos online to gain some initial advantage and start with the gaming action rather immediately. These can of course come in the form of either deposit or no deposit bonuses, both with their own particular benefits attached. Beyond this these bonuses can also come in various forms, either relating to the gaming options in general or targeting specific aspects of the games, like slots for instance.

Exploring Bonuses in Further Detail

On the fact of it these online casino bonus offers for the players of Canada seem rather appealing regardless, however there are certain ones that offer a little more than most. Bonuses that don’t require the initial deposit for example can be rather quite rewarding if used in the correct way. However one thing that the players should keep an eye out for in this regard is the terms and conditions in which these bonuses are offered.

Responsible Casino Bonus Usage and Details

When using the online casino bonus offers available the players of Canada should take care to note how they exactly play out. For some bonuses there are specific methods in which the players must withdraw winnings, others only allow for a certain amount of gaming and some don’t allow for any withdrawals at all before additional deposits have been made. This is just a precaution the players should take when they search for some of the more inviting and exceptional of these bonus offers.