Review of Arabian Nights Slots Game for Casino Players

Arabian Nights is a 5 reel slot with 10 paylines and a progressive jackpot that could see players walk away with life-changing winnings. The game features a simple design and has an Arabian theme that draws its inspiration from common items and artefacts used in the 9th and 13th century during Islamic times.

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A Brief Introduction to Playing Online Slots for Fun

Slot gaming and fun are two easily paired aspects of the trade because, frankly, playing slots for fun is a genuine part of online slot gaming. Pretty much most factors that contribute to the setup of a slot game are incorporated to make the experience more exciting and fun to play. This is made all the easier as slots are quite easily interchanged and composed, so not only are there thousands of these games to experience, with more being released daily, but they truly come in all possible shapes and sizes.

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Win a Day Adds to Bespoke Selection with Sands of Gold

There are quite a few online casinos around that to keep track at times can become wholly complicated, especially amidst the more slot focused groups as slot games themselves are often grouped into similar sections of related gaming and so tend to be a bit more difficult to isolate. Fortunately though, despite what can sometimes be construed as relative chaos, is actually just a wide selection of variety and since most every group offering these varieties are constantly growing, the available selection is too. This is nice because every now and then players will stumble upon a smaller gaming group, one almost hidden amongst the massive flock, with a more unique selection of games, often smaller but also growing and improving along with the rest of them.

So when a smaller, more niche collection of games shows sign of growth like that of the situation where Win a Day adds to Bespoke Selection with Sands of Gold, then those players familiar with these rather unique selections tend to get quite enthusiastic with a collection of games almost designed specifically for them and their otherwise called community of players.

Exploring the Bespoke Selection of Games

The smaller rather niche selection offered from this particular online casino is notable unique because rather than adopting certain top online gaming developers like most casinos do, this group effectively generates their own unique games, in-house and through their own Slotland Entertainment software. This means that the games found at this casino, and the fact that Win a Day adds to Bespoke Selection with Sands of Gold, meaning a bigger selection already, are all unique to this online site, and so players can feel rather special when gambling at online casinos.

The collection on offer from this online casino in question consists largely of slot games, with the particular selection that has just been added to being comprised of 11 penny slot games, each offering something a little bit different from the others. There are also a selection of their own video slots here too, some 28 of them, and even a few poker games and even a bit of roulette and keno. Not bad for a range that won’t be found outside this casinos metaphorical walls. Overall, including that Win a Day adds to Bespoke Selection with Sands of Gold, there are a fair few options to try from this unique list of games.

Looking at the New Slot Game Introduced Online

Since the entirety of this piece has ultimately been centred around the fact that Win a Day adds to Bespoke Selection with Sands of Gold it is probably a good venture to involve the slot game in question is slightly more detail. This game has adopted a theme styled like that of Arabian Nights, with an almost Aladdin feel to the atmosphere and symbols on the reels.


The feature of this slot, and perhaps why Win a Day adds to Bespoke Selection with Sands of Gold, are such that they fill somewhat of a gap in the current selection of penny slots with this casino. These include a pick’em bonus game and some 15 pay lines through which to ultimately do the betting and winning.


Merlin’s Millions Online Slot Machine Reviewed

NextGen Gaming has provided another colourful and vibrant online slots game in the form of Merlin’s Millions Slot. Merlin’s Millions Slot is based on the famous character from Arthurian legend, Merlin. Merlin was a renowned wizard who advised and helped Arthur on his many adventures. Merlin’s Millions Slot is themed aesthetically around the titular character himself, with Merlin to the left of the reels, and a background made up of bright, magical colours.

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