Sexy Slots Characters That Rock The Reels

From online slots to sitting on a casino floor, slot machines have always been one of the biggest attractions for anyone that want an easy chance at winning some money. Of course the sexier the machine, the more traction it will get. It is therefore only natural that the next step would be to combine slot machines with the oldest attraction in the history of mankind, sex.

Many slot machines today, whether online or on the casino floor, feature sexy characters. These characters could be the ‘game host’ or even feature as one of the images that you need to match up to make your fortune. The idea of looking at a sexy character while gambling is far more entertaining than looking at fruit spinning. After all, who doesn’t mind looking at something sexy?

The Sexy Grave Robber is Even in the Casino

In October 1996, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, was introduced to the world. For more than two decades she has mesmerised people across the world with sex appeal. Almost instantly she became a sex icon in the gaming world and since the movie release she is just about a house hold name. Not bad for a fictional character.

It is no wonder then that slot machine creators decided to introduce Lara Croft into their games. Not only is she a sight for sore eyes, or any eyes for that matter, but her adventures in tomb raiding is exciting and puts us in a position where we are having fun by living her adventures all while having a great view at the same time.

A Kiss on the Hand May be Quite Continental

From a fictional character to a real life woman that was labelled as one of the worlds sexiest women to ever life. So sexy in fact that she even had John F. Kennedy entranced by her. Marilyn Monroe bedazzled us with her music and her movies, proving that blondes have more fun. She had perfect curves and knew how to use her womanly ways to capture even the most uptight of audiences.

Even though Marilyn has not been with us since 1962, her imagery is one that everyone knows and people all over the world recognise her, to this day, as an incredible sex icon. If you are in the mood to be entertained by this blond bombshell, you are in luck, as you can find her in a slot machine in just about any slot machine venue. Perhaps it is true then that gentlemen prefer blondes.

Looking at a Different Kind of Fruit

 Our third sexiest character comes from a different background. Miss Cherry Love was specifically created by Playtech, for the use of slot machines. She has never had any other gig. But that surely does not negate the fact that she draws people to her game. Her sex appeal is real and with the excitement of her game, she surely gets your heart racing.

This x-rated slot character was created as a kind of mix between Marilyn Monroe and Jessica Rabbit. A blond bombshell with red streaks in her hair, scantly dressed, that allows you to spin her wheel to an amazing rock n roll soundtrack. Miss Cherry Love can even be found on your mobile phone, so you have no reason not to admire her beauty.