Seven Basic Tips And Strategies To Win At Bingo

If you haven’t ever played Bingo, you may wonder what the big appeal is. But there is a good reason that the game has been so popular for so long, going as far back as the 16th century, and consistently drawing players. The largest Bingo game ever had 70,080 participants!

It goes without saying that there are obviously some serious and competitive bingo players out there. Here are some tried and tested tips and methods to potentially help you win big at this popular game.

  1. Get There Early

Get there nice and early, at least 30 minutes before, so that you can buy your cards, chat to your friends, get a drink, set up your station, and so on. This is all to insure that, by the time the game starts, you will be ready and focused.

  1. Be Prepared

It’s vitally important in Bingo that you hear every single number that gets called. Before play starts, make sure you have everything you need, and nothing to distract you from the game.

  1. Bring A Bingo Dabber And Tape

A Bingo dabber is a special pen that Bingo players use to mark their cards, it has a special translucent ink that allows the numbers to be visible underneath.

Tape, such as masking tape, helps keep your game pieces securely attached to the table, preventing the possible distraction, and game-ender, of fallen or shifted game pieces.

Note – Many Bingo halls sell dabbers. Don’t worry if you can’t find them elsewhere. The ink is also non-toxic and non-permanent.

  1. Choose The Best Seat For You

Where you sit can have a major effect on your Bingo game. Because good concentration is so vital, you may want to sit somewhere that helps with this. For example, perhaps avoid sitting next to loud or talkative group or person. Sitting near the front can also ensure that you can focused just on the caller.

  1. Keep Focused And Alert

Missing even one number in Bingo can literally be the difference between winning and losing the game. This makes staying focused and alert the number one most crucial aspect of Bingo.

Try and limit things that might potentially make you drowsy or lacking in focus such as alcohol, and just don’t play when you are feeling tired or unwell.

Also, be sure to make good use of the scheduled breaks to stretch, clear you head, and/or visit the ladies or gents’ room.

  1. Low Attendance Games

Many Bingo games have only a single winner. This means that the fewer players that participate in these games, the greater the chance those attending have of winning. Bingo games held on weeknights tend to be smaller.

Note – This applies to online Bingo too.

  1. Handling Your Cards

It is important to know yourself, and how many cards you can manage in a game. Often, the more cards you have, the more chance you have of winning. However, this can work against you if you are unable to keep track and become over-whelmed. Try start with just four and move up from there.