Theories on the History of Blackjack

The exact origins of the game of Blackjack so beloved by Canadian players and their counterparts around the world are subject to debate, and it may surprise people to find out that there is still no clear consensus as to when and how it began.

A Fuse of French Card Games

The most common theory, however, is that it is most likely to have started off in the French casinos of around 1700, where it was known as Vingt-et-Un, or Twenty One, and it is popularly held to be a derivation of the French card games and Chemin de Fer and Ferme, which were very widely played during that time. Continue reading

History of Baccarat

History Of Baccarat

Most Canadians are already familiar with the game of baccarat, which is popular across the world. The game is in essence similar to blackjack, but with the goal to be as close to 9, as apposed to 21.

The player in baccarat also has no choice as to how a hand is played, but rather simply bets on whether they think the player hand, or dealer hand, will be the winner. Onlookers in baccarat may also bet on a hand being played, even if they are not the current player. Continue reading

cricket betting

Cricket Betting

The game of cricket is so much more than 22 men gathering around a pitch, trying to score.  Cricket is an intricate game, played in a variety of formats and styles.  In order to participate in successful cricket betting, it is imperative to understand the basic general and betting rules of the game.

Cricket: The Basics

Cricket is played various formats.  These are 4-day matches, 5-day test matches (international sides), Fifty-overs per side matches (e.g. the World Cup or ICC Tournaments), Forty-overs per side matches and Twenty-overs per side matches (the Indian Premier League, or IPL, and Champions League Twenty20 are examples of these).

Understanding the formats, and which players are better suited to each format, is a good starting point when participating in cricket betting.  It is possible – and it is often the case – for a player to be world-class quality in one format, and a complete non-performer in others.  Some players are better suited to the more fast paced Twenty20 games, than a 5-day test match.

Cricket betting rates re-enforces the old cliché: location, location, location.  A player conditioned to play on a pitch in India will most probably not achieve the same level of performance on a pitch in England.  This is as a result of the condition of the pitch in a particular climate.  Indian pitches tend to be much slower than pitches in New Zealand.  Players have difficulty crossing over with ease.

Listening to the opinions of commentators regarding the condition of the pitch can be very valuable as a source of information.  Commentators generally focus on the condition of the pitch during any given game, for the very reason that the pitch is generally the deciding factor.

The Duckworth Lewis Conundrum

The Duckworth Lewis method is applied by game organisers in the event that it becomes necessary to reset batting totals as a result of bad weather.  The weather can turn a 5-day test match into a 1-day match.  This immediately rocks the boat as far as players are concerned.  The weather being the great equalizer, it is important that punters learn how to read weather conditions accurately.

Cricket Betting Bet Types

Popular bet types include Match Winner, Test Match End, Completed Match, Total Runs and Top Batsman.

Keeping Up With Partnerships

A solid partnership between two batsmen can greatly affect the rise of run lines during live bets.  This can wobble the betting boat as soon as a wicket is struck, causing a new batsman to be added to the mix.  It is therefore pivotal to regularly keep up with matches, in order to make accurate predictions as to various pairings in partnerships.

The Ever-Evolving Total

A totals estimate should only be made once the better part of the first innings has been completed, and the condition of the pitch reassessed.  The outcome of the first innings can provide a good idea as to what may go down during the second innings.

Teams generally also vary their various approaches to the different innings, depending on the results as they unfold.  All of this must be taken into consideration, making the gathering of information regarding team strategy very crucial to cricket betting.

Cricket Bets

Cricket Bets

New Zealand has some of the top rated cricket players in the world, and likewise some of the top rated teams. The New Zealand people are also extremely passionate about the game, so it can simply be said that New Zealand as a whole is crazy about cricket. Many New Zealanders like to show support for their local teams by placing bets, which can now be done easier than ever before via the convenience of online bookmakers.

An online bookmaker is a licensed, legal way to place wagers on sports games. Anyone can logon to a website, browse available betting options, and have a bet down in just a few seconds of time. It couldn’t be easier, and with modern internet technology having taken such huge strides in recent years, it can even be done via a smart phone. All that is required is an account, starting funds, and a little taste for excitement.

Account Creation

To start placing cricket bets, you will first need an active account at an online bookmaker. In order to create an account, simply access a website and click or tap the account creation button. You will be prompted for a few details, including your name, email address, physical address, and telephone number. Remember to always enter your real name. Some may prefer to do their betting anonymously, and entering an incorrect name is not required to do so. Online cricket betting is always anonymous.

Once you have entered details a verification email may be sent to the provided email address, to ensure that the address given is correct. Open this email and click the link to finalise account creation. Now that your account is verified, starting funds will be need in the account in order to place bets. This is also a quick process, requiring that you enter your bank details, and indicate an amount to deposit. The funds will appear in the bookmaker account instantly. A similar process can be used to withdraw funds from the bookmakers account to your bank account.

Cricket Betting Options

The exact cricket bets available at an online bookmaker may vary, but most will involve fixed odds on the current teams playing. Fixed odds mean that odds have been assigned to a team based on information held by the bookmaker. Factors such as the team’s current performance, and which team they are playing against, will be taken into consideration. The odds will be higher or lower depending on how likely it is perceived that the team will be victorious. Be sure to consider odds carefully before committing any money.

Other betting options may also be available, such as niche or novelty bets. Niche or novelty bets may include the bet maker predicting such things as how many sixes or fours will be hit in the match, or how many players will be injured. Note that not all bookmakers offer such bets, but those that do will display the options clearly beside the match. The amount of payout given for such bets is generally determined by how close the prediction given by the bet maker was. The biggest payout will obviously be if the prediction was exact.


Betting on Australia’s NRL

The NRL – National Rugby League, is Australia’s professional rugby league, and is one of the most popular Australian sports to bet on from anywhere in the world. The teams that make up the NRL are the:

  • Brisbane Broncos
  • Canberra Raiders
  • Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs
  • Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks,
  • Gold Coast Titans,
  • Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles
  • Melbourne Storm
  • Newcastle Knights
  • New Zealand Warriors
  • North Queensland Cowboys
  • Parramatta Eels
  • Penrith Panthers
  • South Sydney Rabbitohs
  • George Illawarra Dragons
  • Sydney Roosters
  • Wests Tigers

The NRL was founded in 1997, but Sydney’s club competitions have been running since 1908.

Range OF NRL Betting Markets

There are a really wide range of  Mobile NRL betting sites available online, including Premiership, Bottom 8 Finish, Top NSW Team, Dally M Medal, Grand Final Finish, First Goal Scorer, Top 4 Finish, Top 8 Finish, Regular Season Winner, First Half Winner, Winning Region, Winning Margin, Handicap betting, Final Score, Total Number of Tri’s, Total Number of Points and Top Point Scorer, to name just a few of the options available to you. Most sportsbooks offer live streaming of matches as well.

The Top Players To Watch For

Halfbacks have always been considered the most important players in any rugby game, and knowing which ones to watch out for in any season can give you a good idea on which teams to back. Consider as well if the good halfbacks have good support in other key positions – it is a team sport after all!

Hookers – are absolutely essential to the game, and one of the main ones to watch in previous years is Cameron Smith.  He has been named the best player in the NRL and is without a doubt the best hooker worldwide in rugby league. He is also one of the best goal kickers out there and is known to capitalise on his knowledge of weakness in the oppositions defence. The Storms continue to delight rugby league fans.

Props are essential for the work they do in the middle, allowing the hookers and halfbacks to shine. Always keep an eye out for how good the props are, they certainly make a difference to the game.

Team Factors To Keep An Eye On

Besides looking out for these individual positions, it really will be worth it to look at the teams’ overall ranking over the previous few years, the general team performance, and star players that contribute a lot to the team.  Consider any transfers and moves and how this might affect the makeup of the whole team’s cohesion on the field.

Take an especially close look at each of the team’s performance in their last five games and the most recent season.  For each specific match, keep an eye out for any that are out because of injuries or bans due to bad behavior.  These losses can have quite a detrimental effect on the team, but on the other hand can give younger, usually benched players a chance to shine on the field, and they will be hungry to prove themselves if they get a chance.


All About the NBA

The NBA or National Basketball Association is a basketball league based in America. Punters from around the world enjoy placing bets on the games and the league throughout the year. Games are played every night of the week from October through to June, meaning the sport is not just profitable but quite exciting to follow as well.

As the NBA is an American sport, wagering markets may be different to what the rest of the world is used to. Having a good knowledge of how this works will help when placing a successful wager. Placing a wager on the teams, games and even the individual players can be done via number of sites online. Note that many of these sites are international, so be sure to make sure that they accept punters from yours specific region.

Online Incentives

Because there are so many sites which offer betting on NBA games, most of them will offer incentives to try and attract new members to join the ranks. These will mostly come in the form of an amount of free money or free bets, which can be used to place a wager on one of the games. The two most common incentives are welcome bonuses and no deposit bonuses. A welcome bonus is where the site matches your initial deposit up to a certain percentage. A no deposit bonus is where the site will actually give you a small amount of real money with which to place a wager before you deposit any of your own.

NBA Tips and Strategy

The NBA can be a very frustrating game to follow and place wagers on. Teams that look unbeatable one night can be totally trounced the next night by a completely unpopular rival. Adding to the unpredictability is the fact that basketball league games are played every single day, which can lead to injury and fatigue in players which will affect your NBA betting sites odds.

Wagering on the NBA is therefore a game, which is best done by punters who have a good knowledge both of the sport and of how online wagering works. Keep a close eye on your team’s history as well as which players are currently playing and which players are on rest. Coaches in the NBA swap players often so as to keep them fresh, and field the strongest teams against particular rivals.

When placing a bet on your team never underestimate the home court advantage. A team may be better on paper than another, if the underdog is playing on their home court with their own supporters, that gives them a big psychological advantage over the visiting team.

When placing a wager keep an eye out for overvalued and undervalued teams. Some teams are going to be over valued each season due to their histories and possibly fielding a star player. Just as this is so, there will also be under valued teams who have not performed well in the past, but may be shooting up through the ranks very quickly. Place wagers accordingly and keep an eye out for those under valued teams. Successful wagers on an overlooked but very good team can be extremely lucrative. Remember there is no magic formula for winning when placing wagers on NBA games, but a solid knowledge both of the sport and of how the teams are faring can make the difference between a lucrative and poor wager.

Safe online casino

Safe Online Casinos

The Internet can be a scary place thanks to the many criminals that try and steal from those that enjoy online recreation. Whether this is in the form of video games, video entertainment, or even playing casino games, the constant threat of being hacked is terrifying to many people. Thankfully, when looking for a safe online casino, there are plenty of ways players can make sure that the casino they choose is the right one, offering the very latest in online protection.

For Canadian players, online safety is vitally important, as it is well known that many online criminals keep their eye on western countries. With the right knowledge, players from anywhere in the country can learn how to keep their money transfers safe, as well as their favourite online casino account.

Safe Online Casino Regulation

One of the first things to keep an eye open for when signing up with a new casino are the various seals of approval it may have, which are located on the home page. These seals of approval can many different things, but often enough there will be one that is a signature from regulatory agencies deeming that the site is safe to use and that the games are fair. These agencies are set in place around the world to make sure that online casinos are not attempting to fool their players, as well as providing secure environments for their players to enjoy the games offered.

Safe Online Casino Security

Another way to make sure that online casino gambling is safe to use is by making sure that it uses the latest SSL encryption certificates. These are special security certificates that ensure all information players put into a site are encrypted and that no one but the player and the safe online casino can see the information.

In the URL bar at the top of a website, players will find a small, green lock which means that the site is encrypted and safe to use. This is an international type of online security, so it makes no difference whether you are from China or Canada, it is one of the most important aspects to keep an eye out for when using an online casino.

Safe Online Casino Gaming Authorities

Across the world there are a number of gambling authorities that many safe online casinos sign up with. These authorities monitor and regulate the casinos that have signed up with them, ensuring that the casinos are safe to use ans that they adhere to the rules and regulations of that authority.

The policies of the authorities can vary from region to region, and it is up to players to find a casino that fits into a jurisdiction that can benefit them the most. Many of these authorities also provide third party customer support that players can use in case they do not find any success when dealing with the casinos directly.

Safe Online Casino in Conclusion

Players that take the time to find a safe online casino will be able to enjoy their favourite games at any time without the worry of losing any money they have invested into the casino.


Safe Online Casino

Choosing a Safe Online Casino is Essential

The last couple of decades has seen a massive growth in the number of Canadians discovering the entertainment of playing games and betting at an online casino. Online casinos themselves have grown tremendously in number, as well as the number of games they offer and the quality of software used.

Canadians looking to start gambling at an online casinos always ask where they can find one that will not only offer a great range of games but will also treat all their information and transactions with complete confidentiality. When you sign up at an online casino, there is always the hope that at some point you will be winning a good amount of money. With the casinos holding both your money and your personal information, a safe online casino is of the utmost importance. Continue reading

play online casino

Play Online Casino Games in Canada Today

With an industry as competitive and saturated as the online casino market, players in Canada may find themselves overwhelmed when looking to play online casino games. While the online gaming industry is strictly controlled by the government in the country, there are over a thousand offshore sites that offer their services to players in Canada, and there are no fines or penalties levelled against players who choose to use their services.

At the present moment there is only one authorized site where Canadians can play online casino games, which can be seen as rather limiting in options, so many players are opting to rather sign up to offshore casinos of which there is certainly no shortage. Continue reading

Online Casino Free Bonus Rewards Explained

Often times we are asked what exactly these offers mean and how a player can receive an invitation to be eligible for one, so we have devised a short guide for players to chase down some of these awesome deals.

There are many different types of online casino free bonus opportunities for players in Canada and we will be shedding some light on what the most popular ones have in terms of offers and what exactly you receive as part of your free bonus.

Signup Bonuses

These are great offerings as they act as an incentive for a player to join an online service and also benefit from a complimentary bonus. In some cases, an online provider will only redeem the offer when the player makes their first deposit or plays their first game, however we will be focusing on the free options here.

Once the player joins up and receives their free offer it will likely be in one of 3 formats: free online credits, free spins or free time to play like no deposit Microgaming bonus. This can then be redeemed to be used on either a selected game or it might be open to the whole casino. Who you choose as a provider will probably have a lot to do with the online casino free bonus structure, so doing a little homework is always advisable.

Referral Bonuses

Do you have any friends that would like to join you when out on your next online escapade? Why not check with your provider if they offer a referral bonus? As far as online casino free bonus methods go, this is a pretty great one.

Not only do you get to invite your friends to join in on all the online action but you also get a selection of free credits, free spins or bonus time on certain games. Talk about a win-win situation.

This has become quite a popular method for online casino free bonus seekers, but is also a great way to get your friends and family a joining bonus to boot!

Bonus Codes

These are very similar to the signup and referral bonuses as the bonuses are generally of the same type as offered above, however these are actual codes that can be redeemed in an existing account and is not necessarily only for new member signups.

To redeem these codes, you may have to use one of several different methods to complete the process. The easiest is the automatic method, which will be redeemed upon your first sign on this is essentially the same as a signup bonus.

The second method is to enter in bonus code manually. Most sites will have a clearly marked section of the web page for you to enter this into.

The final method is to actually call the website’s support team. They will then either take you through an automated voice prompt system or you will be put through to an operator, they will then redeem your code and credit your account.

You are now ready to take full advantage of your online casino free bonus!