4 Seasons slot

4 Seasons Online Slot

Decorated with the animals of the Chinese zodiac, 4 Seasons slot by Betsoft has a unique look. Each of the animals have big and bright eyes and make for some really cute reel symbols. Multipliers are a big feature of this online slot and an up to 10x win multiplier can come into play.

4 Seasons slot has 30 pay lines and you can make a maximum wager of 150. The jackpot win in this slot is 50 000. This jackpot amount can be won with the Golden Neko wild substitute symbol.

The main feature of this game is the Seasonal Wheel feature that applies modifiers to 9 symbols at a time. Continue reading

Win Big on a Huge Range of Table Games and Online Slots at Challenge Casino


Win Big on a Huge Range of Table Games and Online Slots at Challenge Casino

The range of offers from some of the top online casinos today is rather remarkable, with players ultimately being able to find complete gaming packages at these sites that include solid varieties of gaming in a safe and secure atmosphere. This definitely makes online gaming an easily achievable objective, one effectively wrapped in the neat little bow of economies of scale, the online version.

One such offering is the chance to win big on a huge range of table games and online slots at Challenge Casino, which includes the necessary amenities players of this day and age have come to regard as part and parcel of the experience. Continue reading

Win Big Jackpots and Scoop Great Bonuses at Mega Casino

Win Big Jackpots and Scoop Great Bonuses at Mega Casino

The title does sound quite appealing but is it more embellishment than fact or can players really Win Big Jackpots and Scoop Great Bonuses at Mega Casino is probably a good question to get to the bottom of. With a sense of caution in mind let’s analyse this online casino in question and exactly what it offers to the players of the world. Straight off the bat though, this is one of the more internationally focused online casinos readily available, with a wide range of languages and currencies on offer. This does suggest a wide target market and as such a good offering inherently because why would such a sites generate this respective demand from players without having something available that clearly appeals to them.

This is what makes larger online casinos even more popular, the fact that an influx of players can be utilised as a demonstration to other players to suggest good qualities. With the possibility to Win Big Jackpots and Scoop Great Bonuses at Mega Casino like the title suggests, also adding to the appeal this casino ultimately holds. But like any of the better online casinos available today, it takes a bit more than just having an audience to convince players of the possibility at an online casino.

Fundamental Offering from this Online Casino

Whilst the highlight of these online casinos tends to reside in the gaming section, there are many other factors at play that determine whether or not an online casino is offering the best features around. The first of these to dive into is the security features and safety aspects inherently installed and utilised by this online casino. When players hear of the possibility to Win Big Jackpots and Scoop Great Bonuses at Mega Casino they will undoubtedly progress along this train of thought and arrive at the conclusion that the security on site must be good in order to protect such jackpots and bonuses. Not only is this group licensed and fully regulated but it also has its RNG’s and overall fairness independently audited for any inconsistencies so players can be quite sure when trusting this online casino group.

Again the range of languages and currencies allows players from all over the world to get comfortable, personalized gaming at this online casino, which is often just a pleasant thing to remind the players. But whilst it is definitely the little extras that make up these bigger online casinos, the games themselves ultimately need to be of a standard, or the whole scenario falls rather flat.

The Gaming on Offer at Mega Casino


The title after all was Win Big Jackpots and Scoop Great Bonuses at Mega Casino, and in order to do that there must be games, and good ones too. Their selection on offer includes a selection of their own games, developed in house, as well as the entire WMS gaming collection, making the overall offer quite considerable. This includes obviously a wide range of online slot games but also importantly some top table gaming including even live dealer games and more.

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Win a Day Adds to Bespoke Selection with Sands of Gold

Win a Day Adds to Bespoke Selection with Sands of Gold

There are quite a few online casinos around that to keep track at times can become wholly complicated, especially amidst the more slot focused groups as slot games themselves are often grouped into similar sections of related gaming and so tend to be a bit more difficult to isolate. Fortunately though, despite what can sometimes be construed as relative chaos, is actually just a wide selection of variety and since most every group offering these varieties are constantly growing, the available selection is too. This is nice because every now and then players will stumble upon a smaller gaming group, one almost hidden amongst the massive flock, with a more unique selection of games, often smaller but also growing and improving along with the rest of them.

So when a smaller, more niche collection of games shows sign of growth like that of the situation where Win a Day adds to Bespoke Selection with Sands of Gold, then those players familiar with these rather unique selections tend to get quite enthusiastic with a collection of games almost designed specifically for them and their otherwise called community of players.

Exploring the Bespoke Selection of Games

The smaller rather niche selection offered from this particular online casino is notable unique because rather than adopting certain top online gaming developers like most casinos do, this group effectively generates their own unique games, in-house and through their own Slotland Entertainment software. This means that the games found at this casino, and the fact that Win a Day adds to Bespoke Selection with Sands of Gold, meaning a bigger selection already, are all unique to this online site, and so players can feel rather special when gambling at online casinos.

The collection on offer from this online casino in question consists largely of slot games, with the particular selection that has just been added to being comprised of 11 penny slot games, each offering something a little bit different from the others. There are also a selection of their own video slots here too, some 28 of them, and even a few poker games and even a bit of roulette and keno. Not bad for a range that won’t be found outside this casinos metaphorical walls. Overall, including that Win a Day adds to Bespoke Selection with Sands of Gold, there are a fair few options to try from this unique list of games.

Looking at the New Slot Game Introduced

Since the entirety of this piece has ultimately been centred around the fact that Win a Day adds to Bespoke Selection with Sands of Gold it is probably a good venture to involve the slot game in question is slightly more detail. This game has adopted a theme styled like that of Arabian Nights, with an almost Aladdin feel to the atmosphere and symbols on the reels.


The feature of this slot, and perhaps why Win a Day adds to Bespoke Selection with Sands of Gold, are such that they fill somewhat of a gap in the current selection of penny slots with this casino. These include a pick’em bonus game and some 15 pay lines through which to ultimately do the betting and winning.


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Williams Interactive Announces New Cool Jewels Online Slot

Williams Interactive Announces New Cool Jewels Online Slot

Williams Interactive is better known as WMS, because it is significantly easier to write, and is known as one of the better producers of quality casino games. WMS is amongst the largest and best land based slots suppliers in the world, so when Williams Interactive announces new Cool Jewels online slot, you can believe that all slots aficionados are going perk up their ears.

Williams Interactive’s list of innovations have been instrumental in transforming slots play. The trend away from the standard, regular video slots games to those designed with some atypical and distinctive features is not only the forte of Net Entertainment, but also of Williams Interactive. WMS has had success in devising innovative ways of winning pay-outs and this is evident in the new Cool Jewels online slot.

Bringing Innovation to Slots Play

Before the internet changed the playground completely, slot machines were limited to standard symbols of horseshoes, some different fruit, various black bars and stars and bells. WMS slots games were, in fact, the first games to display the multi-coin and secondary bonuses that are standard fare today. WMS slots then took this innovation development to the nth degree, and all sorts of different themes and game aspects started appearing. They have, in the course of this development, also picked up several awards for commitment to excellence.

Cool Jewels slots game is very different to the usual slots game. When Williams Interactive announced new Cool Jewels online slot, as can be expected, new features were automatically expected. Cool Jewels is a slots game that looks more like some sort of arcade game, there are no reels, and the gem symbols are set in a six reel square grid. The symbols do, nevertheless, spin into position much like in a normal slots game.


The Cool Jewels Innovation

Williams Interactive announces new Cool Jewels online slot game, and introduces a new way of spinning the reels. Two meters are set either side of the six reel grid. One meter shows the value of the symbols appearing in the grid, while the other indicates how many free spins are left. Players have the opportunity to add a bet multiplier up to a value of 400, and can thereby control the level of betting stake.

The only reel symbol in Cool Jewels is either a red, yellow, turquoise, pink, blue or green gemstone. Winning entails four identical symbols appearing, and can be arranged vertically or horizontally on the grid. Williams Interactive has given Cool Jewels another innovative feature, the Cascading Reels feature. This means that the Exploding Wild symbols have the power to destroy some of the other symbols, this means leaving gaps on the reels that are subsequently filled with fresh symbols dropping into the spaces.

A Whole New Range of Wild Symbols

There are three different Exploding Wild symbols. Apart from the Exploding Wild, the game has a Shocking Wild, and a Blasting Wild. These destroy symbols either diagonally or horizontally on the reels, respectively. This innovation is what WMS aims for in their slot machines. When Williams Interactive announces new Cool Jewels online slot, then what they are actually saying is that here is something new, fresh and completely different from the dozens of similar games. The only thing they have in common is being interactive, high energy slots games with great features and overabundant opportunities for slots fun and enjoyment. Even the bonus games and features are unique.

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William Hill to Continue Operations from Gibraltarian Base

William Hill to Continue Operations from Gibraltarian Base

There have been a few concerns in the recent past regarding William Hill, and the possibility that they may be relocating their operations from their base in Gibraltar to London. The first of these questions arose in 2013 when it was announced that London had opened a new innovation centre to concentrate on the production and implementation of new technologies. Many of the new technologies mooted were related to the online and mobile gaming industry and this is clearly what caused the consternation.

At the time, the Managing Director of William Hill Online stated that since William Hill had more than 400 employees based in Gibraltar, and that these employees were very happy with their jobs being in Gibraltar. He also mentioned that there were additional reasons apart from the employees’ satisfaction that would result in William Hill to continue operations from Gibraltarian Base, and not moving at all.


A Rationale for Relocating

The additional reasons referred to, was that Britain was planning to impose a 15% increase on bookmakers’ online winnings from British customers with effect from 2014. Whilst this new tax, which would raise some £300 million increase government revenue annually and apply to William Hill’s main chain of betting shops, the operations centre in Gibraltar would remain unaffected.

The concern from the local perspective was that William Hill to continue operations from Gibraltarian Base would not be depriving the local economy of one of the mainstays in terms of revenue in Gibraltar. Remaining in Gibraltar did provide William Hill with the best manner of handling the new tax rules effectively, which translated to good news for players at the same time.

The Innovation Centre in London

In dealing with these questions regarding the new innovation centre in London, William Hill stated that it had purposely launched in the city’s technology hub with the sole intention of attracting wide and varied talent that is available in the region. This is congruous with their initial claims that their online operations headquarters are based in Gibraltar for the very same reasons, which has turned out to be true.

The New Question of Brexit

In more recent times, Gibraltar as an operational base has again been questioned. The origin of the question this time is the national vote to leave the European Union, or Brexit, as the media termed the referendum. Once again, William Hill to continue operations for betting sites in Australia from Gibraltarian base seems to be the response from this bookmaker, although many of the 33 Gibraltar-licensed gambling companies seem to be currently assessing the situation in detail. This list includes William Hill, Ladbrokes, BetVictor, IGT and the NYX Gaming Group, and a total of some 3000 employees.

In response to this latest question regarding the validity of retaining Gibraltar as an operational base, Spain themselves have posed an potential answer in offering to jointly govern Gibraltar, and thereby simplifying the potential commuter problems associated with Britain leaving the EU. Therefore, for the moment, William Hill to continue operations from Gibraltarian base seems to be the situation on the ground, although effectively the entire system is in a state of limbo.

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