Describing Online Casino Options for Canadian Players

Even though the online casino industry is strictly regulated in Canada, players need not to be concerned with a lack of options as there are over a thousand offshore casinos to choose from that have opened their doors to Canadian players. With such a wide range of options, players can be very selective in their decision making process, and are sure to find the best online casino most suited to their needs and wants.

Get to know a few sites before signing up to a specific one, but there is nothing stopping players from signing up to more than one site thereby maximising the winning potential.

Online Casino Restrictions in Canada

Prior to 1969 Canadian residents couldn’t bet on anything more than horseracing and informal lotteries, but in that year the Federal government passed a bill to allow the 10 provinces to hold formal lotteries in conjunction with the government. In 1985 the law was changed once again and all lotteries in the 10 provinces were handed over for management, without any involvement from the government.

In 2012 British Columbia launched its first online casino, but this is unfortunately restricted to players within the province, and as such some players from outside of BC have turned to sites that offer their services to Canadian residents but operate offshore. While the restrictions may make things a bit more complicated, players will not endure penalties when playing their favourite casino games with the offshore sites.

Getting Started with Online Casino

When looking for an offshore online casino open to residents in Canada, players will be inundated with options which can make the decision making process complex. The best advice that can be given would be to get to know a few sites before deciding on the most suitable options. The most reputable sites will allow players to take a good look around before signing up, therefore allowing players to make an educated decision.

Take a look at the range of games available, if there are any minimums put in place for deposits, and whether a deposit matching bonus is in use on the site. There should be a wide range of deposit and withdrawal options ranging from credit cards to e-wallets and cryptocurrency, and even if the site doesn’t allow players to play in CAD, they should accept all major credit cards. Make sure the online casino is upfront about turn-around times and any fees involved with deposit and withdrawals as players shouldn’t have to wait extended periods of time before withdrawing any winnings.

Get the Most Out of the Experience

There is nothing stopping players from signing up to multiple online casino sites and taking advantage of the range of bonuses and rewards offered to first time players. The most reputable casinos won’t offer something for nothing, as there is almost definitely some kind of catch involved hidden in the fine print, but will rather offer to match the initial deposit up to a certain limit. Online casino sites should value their players and want to offer them the best service possible, so be sure to be on the lookout for sites that offer rewards for regular and long-standing players.