Online Blackjack Explored for Players in the Philippines

Some people dream of winning big, one massive pot won in an instant; but others prefer the game, the challenge of trying to best the house. For those of us who seek that sense of achievement and enjoy going home with a pocket full of cash and the knowledge we triumphed where others failed – Blackjack is our game.

Now with Online Blackjack, you can feel that sense of accomplishment anytime you please. With the arrival of online casinos in the late 90’s, there came a whole new genre of online casino games. Now you could play from the comfort and privacy of your own home and never have to visit a land based establishment anywhere in the Philippines again. And while we thought that was the invention of the century, when smart phones arrived and we could play Online Blackjack and win real money from a device in our pocket, the world of gaming changed forever.

The History of Online Blackjack

As I am sure you are aware, regular Blackjack was around long before Online Blackjack made its way onto our smart phones, but where did it originally come from and how did it end up being one of the top played online casino games of the modern day?

As far as the history books can tell, Blackjack originated in France around the 18th century and was originally called Twenty One, or roughly translated in French – “Vingt-et-Un”.  Its name switched from Twenty One to Blackjack when certain casinos started offering a winning hand that would pay out 10 to 1. To get this hand you needed to have one of the “Black Jacks” and the Ace of Spades and so the name changed to match this new winning hand and there it stuck.

While online Blackjack doesn’t necessarily have that winning hand anymore, the name stuck and the game continued to grow like mobile betting India in popularity as it expended across the globe into the Americas and then over to the Philippines many years later.

Blackjack Today

Today online Blackjack is played across the world from land based casinos to desktop PC’s to mobile phones and the game itself is pretty much the same as it has always been. Since its inception many years ago, innumerable variations of the game have cropped up and most of them can be found somewhere online.

Almost every Online Casino in the Philippines worth its salt will offer Online Blackjack in some form or another, so if this is your game of choice then you should have no problem finding the exact game you are looking for. Some online establishments even offer Live Dealers through streaming windows that allow you to get that feeling of playing against a real person, while retaining the freedom and accessibility of gaming online.

This incredible technology is what has put Online Blackjack back on the map and only the best online casinos offer such an incredible service to their players. So if online Blackjack is your preferred way to spend your Saturday evenings then remember, while the game may have come a long way, it has only done so because it’s one of the most revered and enjoyed games of all time!