All About the NBA

The NBA or National Basketball Association is a basketball league based in America. Punters from around the world enjoy placing bets on the games and the league throughout the year. Games are played every night of the week from October through to June, meaning the sport is not just profitable but quite exciting to follow as well.

As the NBA is an American sport, wagering markets may be different to what the rest of the world is used to. Having a good knowledge of how this works will help when placing a successful wager. Placing a wager on the teams, games and even the individual players can be done via number of sites online. Note that many of these sites are international, so be sure to make sure that they accept punters from yours specific region.

Online Incentives

Because there are so many sites which offer betting on NBA games, most of them will offer incentives to try and attract new members to join the ranks. These will mostly come in the form of an amount of free money or free bets, which can be used to place a wager on one of the games. The two most common incentives are welcome bonuses and no deposit bonuses. A welcome bonus is where the site matches your initial deposit up to a certain percentage. A no deposit bonus is where the site will actually give you a small amount of real money with which to place a wager before you deposit any of your own.

NBA Tips and Strategy

The NBA can be a very frustrating game to follow and place wagers on. Teams that look unbeatable one night can be totally trounced the next night by a completely unpopular rival. Adding to the unpredictability is the fact that basketball league games are played every single day, which can lead to injury and fatigue in players which will affect your NBA betting sites odds.

Wagering on the NBA is therefore a game, which is best done by punters who have a good knowledge both of the sport and of how online wagering works. Keep a close eye on your team’s history as well as which players are currently playing and which players are on rest. Coaches in the NBA swap players often so as to keep them fresh, and field the strongest teams against particular rivals.

When placing a bet on your team never underestimate the home court advantage. A team may be better on paper than another, if the underdog is playing on their home court with their own supporters, that gives them a big psychological advantage over the visiting team.

When placing a wager keep an eye out for overvalued and undervalued teams. Some teams are going to be over valued each season due to their histories and possibly fielding a star player. Just as this is so, there will also be under valued teams who have not performed well in the past, but may be shooting up through the ranks very quickly. Place wagers accordingly and keep an eye out for those under valued teams. Successful wagers on an overlooked but very good team can be extremely lucrative. Remember there is no magic formula for winning when placing wagers on NBA games, but a solid knowledge both of the sport and of how the teams are faring can make the difference between a lucrative and poor wager.