Plucky Pirates Slot Review and Playing Tips

The Plucky Pirates slot machine game, created by Lightning Box Studios, is a fun online game playing experience, featuring a simple play system and charming theme. Based around adventure on the open ocean, the game features characters that are sure to delight both veteran and casual gamblers. The game itself is simpler then some others, featuring few special bonuses and features, but as a trade off allows the game to be played on even older model phones that lack processing power. The game may be played for both real money and for free, and is available on home computer, mobile phone, and tablet.

Fun Plucky Pirate Theme

The Plucky Pirates slot machine game commits to its theme admirably, using all the most recognisable symbols from open seas adventure. The main play symbols include a parrot, crossed cutlasses, chest of treasure, a pirate ship, an eye patch wearing pirate, and the written words Plucky Pirates. The ten, jack, queen, king and ace of playing cards are also used. These symbols, of course, must be matched with themselves to creature winning sequences in the play area, with nine betting lines available. One unusual aspect of the game that should be noted is that some picture icons need only be matched twice to grant a pay out, which is not often seen in slot machines. The maximum number of a matching sequence is five, which will grant the highest standard win.

Parrots And Cannons

There are two special symbols in the Plucky Pirates slot machine game. The first is the parrot symbol, which acts as a wild card. It may create matching sequences with any other symbol in the game, providing a higher percentage of winning. The second special symbol is the cannon, which will grant a number of free spins when matching with itself. If free spins are won they will play out automatically, with all winnings compounded until the end of the sequence. If you would like more information about the winning sequences, please tap the menu button, then the game info button.

Multiple Play Platforms

The Plucky Pirates slot machine game is available to play Aussie pokies games online on phone, tablet, home computer, and laptop. Note that the game features an interface that has been optimised for modern touch screens, meaning that play on both mobile phone and tablet is a smooth experience. Do keep in mind however, that not every mobile phone model is guaranteed to work, and that players may experience game crashes, or potentially awkward controls. If you find that your game playing experience is not completely adequate, it is best to play on a different platform. The computer version of the game is the most reliable choice, and also has the advantage not requiring a permanent download to hard drive. It is essential, however, to update the Flash player on your computer before playing, as it is required software. In order to update or download Flash, please search for it via a search engine and simply click the download button. The software will install automatically and plug into your browser.