How futures bets work

How Futures Bets Work

In the world of sports betting, there is a massive range of different bets that bookmakers offer; some are simple and straightforward, and others require research and large amounts of patients. Among the most popular bets available in Canada, the futures bet continues to stand out, and thanks to the prevalence of national sporting seasons and events, the futures bet will always have a place.

What Are Futures Bets?

Before all this information can be absorbed, you may wonder what a futures bet is to start with, and how futures bets work. The premise of any futures bet is quite simple, but they can be difficult to master, but nonetheless provide plenty of excitement and entertainment for those willing to give them a try and learn how futures bets work.

At its most basic, any futures bet is type of sports bet where the bettor wagers over an entire season, event, or competition, as opposed to betting on a single game. For example, choosing a team and betting on it from the start of the playoffs all the way to the end of the Grey Cup is considered a futures bet. It is a type of wager that requires a bit of patience and research, but many bettors consider it one of the best types of wagers available online, and because so many teams are participating in the same season, futures bets can often have higher rewards for those successful bettors.

Now that you know the basics of how futures bets work, the next thing bettors can learn are the benefits and advantages of making use of this type of bet.

Advantages of Futures Bets


The average futures bet is far more complex and time-consuming than more common wagers, such as the moneyline bet. The extra time and risk involved in a futures bet also means the payout percentages tend to much higher. Exact figures vary from bookie to bookie, and it is up to the bettor to find a site that offers payouts and odds that suit them.

Another factor to consider is the other teams that are taking part in the season, and that each team involved has their own odds and futures bets that other bettors have taken out, which only serves to increase the risk as well as the reward.  Some lucky bettors from around the world have even won millions from futures bets, making them one of the most potentially lucrative betting ventures around.

Entertainment Factor

Alongside the fantastic rewards that futures bets offer, there is also a huge element of entertainment that keeps bettors coming back year after year. One aspect of this is due to the unpredictable nature of the games being played, especially in games like Canadian football, which can have up to nine teams in one season. Not only this, but due to how futures bets work, there is a large amount of flexibility available for bettors. For example, a bettor may wager on a team winning one or two games instead of betting across the entire season. Which this kind of futures bet is not as rewarding, it still allows for a comfortable bet that can be made at the bettor’s leisure.


Anyone serious about learning about how futures bets work will need to always remember that the key to make an informed wager is by learning as much as they can about the teams playing. With the right information and research, bettors will find that futures betting is second to none.