Have a Look at the Differences between Desktop and Mobile Casino Gaming

It used to be that online casino games could only be played on a desktop, either that or making a trip to a land-based casino to play casino games.  With the introduction of mobile casino gaming which has in many cases surpassed or has the same processing power as a desktop there is a fine line when it comes to playing casino games on a desktop or using a mobile device.  The question Canadian casino players are now asking is which platform is the best to use when playing casino games online.


The key to mobile casino gaming is to keep up with advances in technology as using a mobile device that is not as technologically advanced will hamper the performance of casino gaming.  Performance is the most noticeable difference together with things like mobile internet.  Older mobile devices do not have access to faster internet connections which means that some mobile devices may only be able to connect to 3G.  Developers of casino games generally design games for up to date mobile devices and develop casino games that have high quality graphics.  The quality of casino gaming will depend on the type of mobile device used and can range from casino games that take forever to load due to a slow internet connection or the game may hang while still in play.

The main factor to take into consideration when noting the differences between mobile and desktop casino gaming is that mobile devices have a wider range of options with regard to performance while desktops are only able to offer games that are browser based.

Developers of casino games have constantly been upgrading and improving casino games for the mobile platform and Canadian mobile casino players can enjoy a high quality performance.  Playing desktop casino games will also be of a high quality as the fast internet connection provided and processing power of a desktop should be able to handle any casino games.  For those players who would like an optimised casino gaming experience using a casino app is unbeatable.

Apps or Browser Based Gaming

Most casino games can now be downloaded as an app one at a time instead of having to download a complete library from the online casino itself. A disadvantage of downloading a game from the browser means that the games may be affected by any issues or glitches that the browser may have.  If a casino game needs to be downloaded using Flash but the browser is outdated or does not support Flash then the game will not work properly or may not even work at all.  Every browser has their own problems which may affect playing casino games.  Playing casino games using a mobile device is recommended as the app will already have all the glitches sorted, provided the app has been well developed.  App casino gaming has a reputation for being much more stable offering mobile players a good quality gaming experience.

Mobile casino players will have access to many more games including a range of variations of traditional casino games.  Mobile gaming is much more convenient as players can play games anywhere.  With desktop gaming players are restricted to wherever their computer is.  Mobile players will also be offered incentives such as mobile bonuses and promotions.

Each player will have their personal preference when it comes to casino gaming and must decide which option will work best for them.