Cricket Bets

Cricket Bets

New Zealand has some of the top rated cricket players in the world, and likewise some of the top rated teams. The New Zealand people are also extremely passionate about the game, so it can simply be said that New Zealand as a whole is crazy about cricket. Many New Zealanders like to show support for their local teams by placing bets, which can now be done easier than ever before via the convenience of online bookmakers.

An online bookmaker is a licensed, legal way to place wagers on sports games. Anyone can logon to a website, browse available betting options, and have a bet down in just a few seconds of time. It couldn’t be easier, and with modern internet technology having taken such huge strides in recent years, it can even be done via a smart phone. All that is required is an account, starting funds, and a little taste for excitement.

Account Creation

To start placing cricket bets, you will first need an active account at an online bookmaker. In order to create an account, simply access a website and click or tap the account creation button. You will be prompted for a few details, including your name, email address, physical address, and telephone number. Remember to always enter your real name. Some may prefer to do their betting anonymously, and entering an incorrect name is not required to do so. Online cricket betting is always anonymous.

Once you have entered details a verification email may be sent to the provided email address, to ensure that the address given is correct. Open this email and click the link to finalise account creation. Now that your account is verified, starting funds will be need in the account in order to place bets. This is also a quick process, requiring that you enter your bank details, and indicate an amount to deposit. The funds will appear in the bookmaker account instantly. A similar process can be used to withdraw funds from the bookmakers account to your bank account.

Cricket Betting Options

The exact cricket bets available at an online bookmaker may vary, but most will involve fixed odds on the current teams playing. Fixed odds mean that odds have been assigned to a team based on information held by the bookmaker. Factors such as the team’s current performance, and which team they are playing against, will be taken into consideration. The odds will be higher or lower depending on how likely it is perceived that the team will be victorious. Be sure to consider odds carefully before committing any money.

Other betting options may also be available, such as niche or novelty bets. Niche or novelty bets may include the bet maker predicting such things as how many sixes or fours will be hit in the match, or how many players will be injured. Note that not all bookmakers offer such bets, but those that do will display the options clearly beside the match. The amount of payout given for such bets is generally determined by how close the prediction given by the bet maker was. The biggest payout will obviously be if the prediction was exact.