History of Blackjack

Theories on the History of Blackjack

The exact origins of the game of Blackjack so beloved by Canadian players and their counterparts around the world are subject to debate, and it may surprise people to find out that there is still no clear consensus as to when and how it began.

A Fuse of French Card Games

The most common theory, however, is that it is most likely to have started off in the French casinos of around 1700, where it was known as Vingt-et-Un, or Twenty One, and it is popularly held to be a derivation of the French card games and Chemin de Fer and Ferme, which were very widely played during that time. Continue reading

History of Baccarat

History Of Baccarat

Most Canadians are already familiar with the game of baccarat, which is popular across the world. The game is in essence similar to blackjack, but with the goal to be as close to 9, as apposed to 21.

The player in baccarat also has no choice as to how a hand is played, but rather simply bets on whether they think the player hand, or dealer hand, will be the winner. Onlookers in baccarat may also bet on a hand being played, even if they are not the current player. Continue reading

Safe Online Casino

Choosing a Safe Online Casino is Essential

The last couple of decades has seen a massive growth in the number of Canadians discovering the entertainment of playing games and betting at an online casino. Online casinos themselves have grown tremendously in number, as well as the number of games they offer and the quality of software used.

Canadians looking to start gambling at an online casinos always ask where they can find one that will not only offer a great range of games but will also treat all their information and transactions with complete confidentiality. When you sign up at an online casino, there is always the hope that at some point you will be winning a good amount of money. With the casinos holding both your money and your personal information, a safe online casino is of the utmost importance. Continue reading

play online casino

Play Online Casino Games in Canada Today

With an industry as competitive and saturated as the online casino market, players in Canada may find themselves overwhelmed when looking to play online casino games. While the online gaming industry is strictly controlled by the government in the country, there are over a thousand offshore sites that offer their services to players in Canada, and there are no fines or penalties levelled against players who choose to use their services.

At the present moment there is only one authorized site where Canadians can play online casino games, which can be seen as rather limiting in options, so many players are opting to rather sign up to offshore casinos of which there is certainly no shortage. Continue reading

At the Copa slot

At the Copa Slot Game

At the Copa slot is set at the “hottest spot north of Havana” with a Latin dance theme. The reels stand on a black and white checked dance floor with an animated female dancer standing to the left. The symbols are all themed and include three Latin dancers, pink flamingos, bongo drums, maracas, trumpets and cocktails. The ocean view, stilettos and red chillies are special symbols that are involved in bonus features.

At the Copa slot is powered by Betsoft and has five reels, three rows and thirty pay lines. It is a progressive online slot game with a heads or tails toss gamble feature. Auto play and max bet features are available along with a manual spin option. Continue reading

Alkemors Tower slot

Alkemors Tower Online slot

To explore the magical Alkemors Tower slot, you will need nerves of steel. This online slot developed by Betsoft features two unique free spins levels that will either have you fighting off killer plants or losing yourself between interstellar objects.

Alkemors Tower slot has a 243 pay line system, maximum wagers of 150 per spin and a 5 reel lay out. You can activate a Double Up feature to increase winning pay outs and you can save yourself some clicks by activating the Autoplay feature. Continue reading

After Night falls slot

After Night Falls Slot Game

After Night Falls slot is a crime themed 3D online slot game from Betsoft. The plot revolves around a detective on the hunt for a criminal who is rampaging through the city and stealing various items. The game setting is of a city block with the detective constantly standing to the right side. Other characters are seen on screen at random moments.

The symbols include the detective; the criminal; a magnifying glass; the detective’s office; a granny, a ginger cat; a bag of stolen jewels; a jewellery box; a television set and a security camera. The standard winning combinations include three to five matching symbols left to right on active pay lines. The most valuable symbol pays out up to 1 250 coins and makes a good partner to blackjack NZ games. Continue reading

A Christmas Carol slot

A Christmas Carol Online Slot

A Christmas Carol online slot by Betsoft is based on the classic novel by Charles Dickens. In it he explores what it must be like to be an old man with no family or friends at Christmas. This role is played by Scrooge who on Christmas Eve is visited by three ghosts from his past, present and future.

They teach him a thing or two about being a good member of society. This slot on the other hand teaches you a thing or two about free spins in that there are two ways to win them in A Christmas Carol. Continue reading

4 Seasons slot

4 Seasons Online Slot

Decorated with the animals of the Chinese zodiac, 4 Seasons slot by Betsoft has a unique look. Each of the animals have big and bright eyes and make for some really cute reel symbols. Multipliers are a big feature of this online slot and an up to 10x win multiplier can come into play.

4 Seasons slot has 30 pay lines and you can make a maximum wager of 150. The jackpot win in this slot is 50 000. This jackpot amount can be won with the Golden Neko wild substitute symbol.

The main feature of this game is the Seasonal Wheel feature that applies modifiers to 9 symbols at a time. Continue reading

Win Big on a Huge Range of Table Games and Online Slots at Challenge Casino


Win Big on a Huge Range of Table Games and Online Slots at Challenge Casino

The range of offers from some of the top online casinos today is rather remarkable, with players ultimately being able to find complete gaming packages at these sites that include solid varieties of gaming in a safe and secure atmosphere. This definitely makes online gaming an easily achievable objective, one effectively wrapped in the neat little bow of economies of scale, the online version.

One such offering is the chance to win big on a huge range of table games and online slots at Challenge Casino, which includes the necessary amenities players of this day and age have come to regard as part and parcel of the experience. Continue reading