Differences between desktop and mobile gaming

Differences Between Mobile and Desktop Gaming

It used to be that online casino games could only be played on a desktop, either that or making a trip to a land-based casino to play casino games.  With the introduction of mobile casino gaming which has in many cases surpassed or has the same processing power as a desktop there is a fine line when it comes to playing casino games on a desktop or using a mobile device.  The question Canadian casino players are now asking is which platform is the best to use when playing casino games online.


The key to mobile casino gaming is to keep up with advances in technology as using a mobile device that is not as technologically advanced will hamper the performance of casino gaming.  Performance is the most noticeable difference together with things like mobile internet.  Older mobile devices do not have access to faster internet connections which means that some mobile devices may only be able to connect to 3G.  Developers of casino games generally design games for up to date mobile devices and develop casino games that have high quality graphics.  The quality of casino gaming will depend on the type of mobile device used and can range from casino games that take forever to load due to a slow internet connection or the game may hang while still in play.

The main factor to take into consideration when noting the differences between mobile and desktop casino gaming is that mobile devices have a wider range of options with regard to performance while desktops are only able to offer games that are browser based.

Developers of casino games have constantly been upgrading and improving casino games for the mobile platform and Canadian mobile casino players can enjoy a high quality performance.  Playing desktop casino games will also be of a high quality as the fast internet connection provided and processing power of a desktop should be able to handle any casino games.  For those players who would like an optimised casino gaming experience using a casino app is unbeatable.

Apps or Browser Based Gaming

Most casino games can now be downloaded as an app one at a time instead of having to download a complete library from the online casino itself. A disadvantage of downloading a game from the browser means that the games may be affected by any issues or glitches that the browser may have.  If a casino game needs to be downloaded using Flash but the browser is outdated or does not support Flash then the game will not work properly or may not even work at all.  Every browser has their own problems which may affect playing casino games.  Playing casino games using a mobile device is recommended as the app will already have all the glitches sorted, provided the app has been well developed.  App casino gaming has a reputation for being much more stable offering mobile players a good quality gaming experience.

Mobile casino players will have access to many more games including a range of variations of traditional casino games.  Mobile gaming is much more convenient as players can play games anywhere.  With desktop gaming players are restricted to wherever their computer is.  Mobile players will also be offered incentives such as mobile bonuses and promotions.

Each player will have their personal preference when it comes to casino gaming and must decide which option will work best for them.

Casino Games with the Best Odds

Canadian casino players will all have their own opinion on the games that they feel are best suited to them.  Casino games are subjective, every player has their favourite.  Some Canadian players may enjoy a thrilling game of Craps while other players may prefer a strategic game of Pai Gow Poker.

With casino odds the numbers speak for themselves.  There are variations depending on which online casino players are using, but these are generally small variations which are determined by small differences in the rules of each game.


It has been said that Blackjack has the best odds whether playing in a land based casino or online, but players must make sure they use a strategy when playing as this will improve the odds.  There are many variations of Blackjack online and most of these have a very low house edge.  Variations of Blackjack such as classic, European and Vegas Strip Blackjack have a house edge of below 0.4% and the other variations all have a house edge of below 1%.  Canadian Blackjack players will find it difficult to find a card game online with such low odds and gives players the best shot at winning.

Video Poker

Video Poker is another online gambling game that has great odds.  Video Poker is also played using a strategy and is the best way to get the most out of this game.  The odds of Video Poker will differ depending on which variation Canadian players have chosen.  Jacks or Better has great odds when played using a good strategy and offers players a return of around 99.52%.  When playing Video Poker players should look for a game that has a 9/6 paytable as these will payout 9 to 1 for a full house and 6 to 1 for a flush.  Casino games with payout odds like these are known as “full pay” games.


Although Baccarat is not as popular as other online casino games, it is one of those games that has great odds.  Banker or player bets have a house edge of around 1% even if a number of unfavourable decks are used.  The tie bet in Baccarat does have a higher casino edge.  As with Poker the lower house edge for the banker and player bet is assuming that the player is using a good strategy.

European Roulette

There are different variations of Roulette each with different odds.  The house edge of American Roulette is 5.26% and with European Roulette it is significantly lower at 2.7%.  Players can work out the house edge of Roulette by dividing the zeros by the amount of pockets.  For Roulette players at online or mobile casinos Canada, it is always better to choose the European option with the more favourable odds.


Craps offers a bet that has no house edge and is known as an odds bet.  Once a point has been set players can place another bet after their initial pass or don’t pass bet.  This bet is a multiple of a player’s initial bet and the maximum bet is determined by the online casino.  This type of bet will payout the actual odds of a win, the bigger the bet, the more the odds will improve.  Players can avoid bets with a high house edge by placing simple bets and staying away from complex bets.  The simple bets will have a house edge of around 1%.  No strategy is needed when playing Craps.

Understanding the odds of various casino games is important as it will determine how much a player will win or lose.

Parlay betting explained

Parlay Betting Explained

When people think of betting, many often think of the same thing: that it is a risky venture. There are many stories of bettors wagering everything they are worth on a sporting event, only to lose it all at the last second. Some of the these stories are true, as there is inevitable risk involved when making any sort of bet, but more often than not, it is simply because a bettor did not fully understand the bet and how it works. Parlay betting is one of these types of bets, and the nature of a parlay betting means that it can be risky for those that don’t take the time to find out exactly how it all works, and bettors can understand the risk versus reward with parlay betting explained.

The truth of parlay betting is that it can be fun, rewarding, and extremely entertaining, and a great way to start betting on your favourite Canadian sports teams while also earning some fantastic winnings. Information, research, and parlay betting explained can help bettors get started before the next big Canadian sporting events of your choice have begun.

What Is Parlay Betting

To have parlay betting explained, bettors will need to understand that this is where a bettor will take out multiple bets on multiple teams during a sporting season of some kind. This includes both outright result bets, also known as moneylines, or spread bets, with the key element being that there is more than one of these bets happening at once. This makes it a good bet for those that can’t really decide which team they like the most, or want to have money on multiple teams to reap the most rewards during a season, and  the nature of parlay betting explained means that information is the most important resource at hand.

Most commonly, a parlay bet will be the pick between 2 and 10 teams and these teams will compete over a season. The winning factor of parlay betting is that all the wagers on your betting slip need to be won together, meaning that if you have bet on 5 teams winning their games, all five of these teams will have to win in order for the bet to be successful. If even one of the teams loses while the others win, the bet is rendered void and the bettor loses, which is why the parley is sometimes considered unnecessarily risky.

The Benefits of Parlay Betting

There is a huge amount of entertainment value involved in parlay betting. One of the drawing features of any sort of sports wager is how exciting it can be, in part due to both the unpredictability of the game as well as the sheer thrill of your teams winning. This makes parlay bets far more entertaining than many of the other bets available online.

Without a doubt, however, and something that comes inherently with parlay betting explained, is the high payout percentages. Any bet that contains a big amount of risk will subsequently have steeper payout percentages, and there have been plenty of stories of bettors walking away with massive payouts from very small wagers.

In Conclusion

If you are interested in parlay betting, and parlay betting explained has helped to clarify some things, the first step is to find a bookmaker and then start betting smartly on your favourite sport during its next game season.

How futures bets work

How Futures Bets Work

In the world of sports betting, there is a massive range of different bets that bookmakers offer; some are simple and straightforward, and others require research and large amounts of patients. Among the most popular bets available in Canada, the futures bet continues to stand out, and thanks to the prevalence of national sporting seasons and events, the futures bet will always have a place.

What Are Futures Bets?

Before all this information can be absorbed, you may wonder what a futures bet is to start with, and how futures bets work. The premise of any futures bet is quite simple, but they can be difficult to master, but nonetheless provide plenty of excitement and entertainment for those willing to give them a try and learn how futures bets work.

At its most basic, any futures bet is type of sports bet where the bettor wagers over an entire season, event, or competition, as opposed to betting on a single game. For example, choosing a team and betting on it from the start of the playoffs all the way to the end of the Grey Cup is considered a futures bet. It is a type of wager that requires a bit of patience and research, but many bettors consider it one of the best types of wagers available online, and because so many teams are participating in the same season, futures bets can often have higher rewards for those successful bettors.

Now that you know the basics of how futures bets work, the next thing bettors can learn are the benefits and advantages of making use of this type of bet.

Advantages of Futures Bets


The average futures bet is far more complex and time-consuming than more common wagers, such as the moneyline bet. The extra time and risk involved in a futures bet also means the payout percentages tend to much higher. Exact figures vary from bookie to bookie, and it is up to the bettor to find a site that offers payouts and odds that suit them.

Another factor to consider is the other teams that are taking part in the season, and that each team involved has their own odds and futures bets that other bettors have taken out, which only serves to increase the risk as well as the reward.  Some lucky bettors from around the world have even won millions from futures bets, making them one of the most potentially lucrative betting ventures around.

Entertainment Factor

Alongside the fantastic rewards that futures bets offer, there is also a huge element of entertainment that keeps bettors coming back year after year. One aspect of this is due to the unpredictable nature of the games being played, especially in games like Canadian football, which can have up to nine teams in one season. Not only this, but due to how futures bets work, there is a large amount of flexibility available for bettors. For example, a bettor may wager on a team winning one or two games instead of betting across the entire season. Which this kind of futures bet is not as rewarding, it still allows for a comfortable bet that can be made at the bettor’s leisure.


Anyone serious about learning about how futures bets work will need to always remember that the key to make an informed wager is by learning as much as they can about the teams playing. With the right information and research, bettors will find that futures betting is second to none.

How online betting has changed the industry

How Online Betting Has Changed the Industry

The online betting revolution was more than likely seen as the end of land based betting shops around the world but after more than 15 years of online betting, land based betting shops have stood the test of time. They may have not succumbed to an end but it does not mean that online betting has not changed the industry dramatically.

Technology and its advancement over the years has been the driving force behind the remarkable world of online betting and as technology continues to innovate and grow, so does the industry and who really knows what the future holds for land based betting shops. They currently thrive in Canada but there is a far more convenient mean and a much bigger betting market for Canadians who choose to bet online.

The Major Betting Industry Changes

The most notable change to the betting industry is its sheer size. Going online meant that bettors no longer needed to take the time or travel to a land based betting shop, they could simply log on at work or at home. Nowadays bettors in Canada can log on anywhere and place bets because mobile betting has given them the convenience to do so.

The internet created a network for the world to share information and to bring access to almost anything from almost anywhere. This meant that bettors could now bet on sports, politics, entertainment or anything else available that was occurring anywhere in the world. They were no longer limited to local events or only the major international events they had access to.

There is now the option for Canadian bettors to bet on practically anything that is happening anywhere in the world. This has meant an increase in rogue sites that cannot be trusted but overall there are plenty of online sports books that are safe and offer a protected environment for Canadians to bet.

Online sports books created new types of bets and now have a much larger selection than any land based betting shop has. They have the opportunity to gather information in order to calculate odds and also use technology to calculate the odds which means that the odds are far more accurate than ever before.

Bettors too have the chance to research any players or teams they wish to bet on and ascertain whether they are worth betting on. There is also plenty of information on the internet that provides tips and advice on how to bet better and increase the chances of winning.

What This Means for Betting Shops

Canada’s laws regarding betting online is one reason that land based betting shops remain thriving. Even though Canadians can bet online at internationally based and licensed sports books, there are regulations in place making land based betting shops safe too.

No matter how far technology advances there will always be people who remain faithful to the old school way of doing things. These people who have a penchant for sports betting keep the land based shops going and it seems they will continue to operate for some time to come even if their revenue is nowhere near as large as the online sports book’s is.

Choosing a top online sports book

Choosing a Top Online Sports Book

Any sports bettors in Canada looking to bet online must only ever bet at top online sports books in order to have the safest experience and the best winning chances. It is common knowledge that financial transactions made online are not always safe from unscrupulous parties so making sure the chosen site uses strict security protocols and technology, has the best betting options, the most accurate odds and a host of other things is important.

Luckily, Canadian bettors have plenty of top online sports books to choose from but since each offers different betting options and odds, it is still wise to vet them for the very best option for your personal needs.

Finding the Highest Quality Sports Books

The internet is a great place to vet the top online sports books because there are a number of websites that help you along. When looking for the best places to play in Canada you will find many options that are ranked in different categories.

This means that they are all safe but reliable but meet different needs. It is acceptable, and even recommended, to sign up at more than one site because you will have a wider range of betting odds and options when you do.

The top online sports books can be compared for their banking options, speed of paying out wins, quality of customer care, bonus offers, special promotions, betting options and odds.

What to Expect from Canada’s Top Sites

Even though Canada is a country full of sports fans and some of the most interesting and unique sports around, you have access to bet on practically any sport in the world when you bet online. Each sport then has many different types of bets that can differ from site to site. This is why signing up at more than one can be beneficial.

Obviously winning is the main goal of betting on sports so comparing the sites for the best odds is also quite helpful. Personal research will also help to determine which bets are better to place.

The top online sports books for Canadian bettors have to compete for bettors attention so they all offer enticing bonuses. Welcome bonuses to special ongoing promotions are offered and they too differ from site to site. Comparing the bonuses at the different sites to find the best value is an option when choosing an online sports book as bonuses do have the advantage of adding extra value to any bet placed.

Enjoy a Safer Online Betting Experience

While there are some online sports books licensed in Canada, there are some limitations but internationally licensed sites that accept Canadians tend to have more on offer in terms of betting options. Canadians will have no shortage of their own unique sports to bet on either.

The top online sports books for Canadian bettors are rated for their dedication to responsible betting and their assistance in providing the most accurate odds you will find. While they are not guaranteed winning odds, you can use them to place the most valuable bets.

When exclusion limits get called in to question

When Exclusion Limits Get Called In To Question

Self-exclusion provides people with the opportunity to take a break from gambling. They are voluntary programmes that are offered by legal jurisdictions who govern and regulate the casino and gambling industry to provide an option for players who struggle with problem gambling in an effort to avoid further gambling.

There’s no question that self-exclusion programmes have an important role to play within a responsible gambling initiative but what happens when exclusion limits get called into question?

Canadian Man Forgets Signing 17 Year Old Exclusion Request

One Canadian player has done exactly that. A recent news article reports on how one Canadian slot player vows to fight for his prize winnings despite signing a self-exclusion request. John Marando, an 82 year old slot player was denied a jackpot worth CAD$ 10,000 as a result of him voluntarily signing a self-exclusion request 17 years ago. According to the report, he is determined to go after the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG) who declined to pay out his jackpot winnings.

John Marando explained that he had been frequenting the Mohawk Racetrack facility where he had been playing the OLG slots. The venue is operated by Woodbine Entertainment Group which has a long term lease with Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation. He had been going there during the early months of 2017 and had won prizes of CAD$ 1,000 from the same machine a few times before and had not encountered any problems collecting his winnings.

When he found himself there on February 17, luck struck him again to the tune of a CAD$ 400 prize. On his way out of the gaming venue, Marando decided to wager CAD$ 20 of his prize winnings on the same machine – a last minute decision that saw him win a jackpot valued at approximately CAD$ 10,000. However, when he went to cashier’s window to collect his winnings for the second time that day, he was denied his payout on the grounds that he signed a voluntary self-exclusion request 17 years before.

How Long Is Too Long?

Self-exclusion requests allow regulatory agencies such as the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation to remove the individual in question from any gambling premises if they are recognised in an effort to minimise problem gambling. Marando told the National Post, where the incident was first reported, “I can’t remember 17 years ago”. He claims to have suffered a brain injury which he was told could affect his memory and that he couldn’t remember singing a self-exclusion request.  “I’m 17 years older and I’ve had a brain operation about eight years ago,” he added.

His argument is based on the fact that he encountered no problems when cashing out his CAD$ 400 winnings a mere 5 minutes before he hit the big jackpot. John Marando has since contacted a lawyer about the matter and vows to take it further. This incident, however, does bring to light whether any limitations should be placed on the duration of self-exclusion requests.


A Look at the History of Roulette

As is the case with many of the most popular of today’s real money casino games, there are a number of theories as to just how the game of roulette originated.

The most popular one is that we have a Frenchman, Blaise Pascal, to thank for it, as he is widely held to have invented it during a monastic retreat in around 1655.

The second theory is very similar to the first, but does not name the monk that set about inventing a game in order to combat the monotony of monastery life in that era and ended up with the game of roulette.

The third possibility is that the game was adapted from an ancient Tibetan one by a group of French Dominican monks, with the original object of arranging 37 animal statuettes into a magical number square of 666. Unfortunately the manner in which the original Tibetan game was played has not been recorded, but the monks’ adaptation resulted in the 37 statuettes being transposed to the number 0 to 36, and these then being arranged haphazardly around the edge of a revolving wheel.

The Earliest Verifiable Evidence of Roulette

Documented evidence shows that the game of roulette arose in the 18th century, and, as is the case with many real money casino games so freely enjoyed by Canadians and other players around the world, the earliest mentions of it are to be found in the official documents banning play.

Of particular interest is the one which appeared in the regulations for New Country, a brand-new land later rechristened Canada. The 1758 decree specially forbids the playing of roulette.

The Equipment Required for Roulette Play

The game of roulette makes use of a number of items of equipment:

  • A wheel, divided into pockets numbered from 0 – 37 or 0 – 38, depending on which version of roulette is being played
  • A bowl in which the wheel revolves
  • A ball which rolls around the rim of the wheel
  • A table with divisions made up of numbers ranging from 0 – 37 or 0 – 38, depending on which variation is being played
  • Chips by means of which the bets are placed

How Roulette Play Unfolds

Before setting the ball rolling around the edge of the roulette wheel, players at online casino Malaysia will place a bet on which number they feel the ball will eventually land on. This is done by placing chips on the numbers as they are represented on the table layout, and the French terms for this area are still used for roulette play, no matter where it is being played. After this has been done, the ball will be set spinning, and its landing will reveal the winning wager.

Roulette Zeros and the House Edge

It is a commonly held belief that the double zero roulette wheel is an American invention, but this is not the truth: the original game’s wheel, played in France in around 1800, also features this extra pocket, and this is simply the form most popular in The United States.

The single zero wheel was created by French brothers, Louis and François, and this is the one which took off around the rest of the world.

Theories on the History of Blackjack

The exact origins of the game of Blackjack so beloved by Canadian players and their counterparts around the world are subject to debate, and it may surprise people to find out that there is still no clear consensus as to when and how it began.

A Fuse of French Card Games

The most common theory, however, is that it is most likely to have started off in the French casinos of around 1700, where it was known as Vingt-et-Un, or Twenty One, and it is popularly held to be a derivation of the French card games and Chemin de Fer and Ferme, which were very widely played during that time. Continue reading

History of Baccarat

History Of Baccarat

Most Canadians are already familiar with the game of baccarat, which is popular across the world. The game is in essence similar to blackjack, but with the goal to be as close to 9, as apposed to 21.

The player in baccarat also has no choice as to how a hand is played, but rather simply bets on whether they think the player hand, or dealer hand, will be the winner. Onlookers in baccarat may also bet on a hand being played, even if they are not the current player. Continue reading