Bork The Berzerker Slot Mentioned Online for Players

Bork the Berzerker, created by Thunderkick, is an online slot machine game. It is most notable for its unique art style and visual appeal, featuring a character named Bork. Bork is a barbarian reminiscent of Conan, spending his time slaying monsters, saving damsels in distress, and hunting down evil sorcerers. He is brought to life in this game via a high quality comic based art style, which goes a long way to making the game enjoyable, if only to see what gory, monster killing animation will be used next.

The game itself uses a standard five reel, twenty five line play system, and offers bonuses in the form of a free spins special feature mini-game. Bork the Berzerker is available to play on home computer via an internet browser, and is also available on mobile phone and tablet. A free version allows players to enjoy the art without having to spend real money.

User Interface

Bork the Berzerker has a standard, easy to understand user interface. The spin button is found in the bottom right, recognisable as two circular arrow. The current bet is displayed beside it to the left, allowing players to change the bet by tapping or clicking the number. The current balance is found to the left of the bet. Sound options may be changed by clicking the speaker button, while the pay table may be seen by clicking the trophy button.

Play Symbols and Graphics

The standard play symbols of the game depict the many monsters Bork must slay, as well as his lady love interest. The lady, depicted as a blonde woman being harassed by a pair of disembodied hands, is the most valuable standard symbol in the game, and she may match with herself five times to give a substantial payout.

Some of the other symbols include a sea monster with a trident, a two headed snake, and ogre, and a kraken. There is also a set of three distinct symbols, each with its own colour, yellow, green, and blue, which are the least valuable symbols in the game. As with all slot machine games at casino sites for Canadian players, the various symbols must be matched with themselves in order for payouts to be made. The minimum match that can be made is three in a row, and the maximum five.

Special Features and Bonuses

Bork the Berzerker is the wild symbol, and he may be matched with any other symbol to create a winning sequence. Also, should he appear on reels two, three or four, he will expand to cover that entire reel, offering multiple chances of winning sequences being created. This event is marked by an animation of Bork bloodily slaying two monsters.

The second special feature symbol in the game is the evil sorcerer. Recognisable as a bald, purple man, the sorcerer is the scatter symbol, and may match if landing anywhere on the reels. If matching three times the player is granted ten free spins, while a match of four will grant twenty free spins, and a match of five thirty free spins. Needless to say, the free spins are highly lucrative, and the player should hope that Bork runs into this character as often as possible.