Become a Hero and Conquer in The Heroic Slot Game

The Heroic slot machine game, created by Lightning Box Studios, is an online and mobile optimised game featuring a swords and sorcery theme. The game features relatively simple rules and has few special features and bonuses, but does have decent artwork and an impressive animated background. Some other games may have better graphics and sound, but what Heroic lacks in fancy graphics it makes up for with a simple, straightforward play system. The game will be most attractive who those who care less about bells and whistles, and prefer to focus on pure slot machine fun.

Symbol Design And Theme

The Heroic slot machine game does its theme justice, using well drawn artwork and a stirring interactive soundtrack. The picture symbol designs include a dwarf warrior, a male hero, a female hero, and a dragon’s eye. Beside these picture icons the standard ten, jack, queen, king and ace of playing cards are used. The most valuable icon is the dragon’s eye, which has an enormous payout if it is matched with itself five times. The least valuable symbol are the ten and jack, which pay a relatively modest sum in comparison to the picture symbols. Remember however, that all symbols may be matched five times with themselves for larger payouts.

Heroic Special Features

The Heroic slot machine game has little in the way of special features. There is a wild symbol, represented by a dragon’s symbol, which allows for matching sequences with any other symbol. This is a highly useful special feature, and allows for a much greater number of wins to be created. Hope to see an abundance of the wild symbol during your play sessions. The other special feature of the game is the free spins symbol, represented by a dragon. If matched three times this symbol will grant the player twenty free spins.

Heroic Slot – How To Play

The Heroic slot machine game online is played by the standard rules of Canadian casinos regulations. In order to start, the player must first decide on how many lines to bet, and the starting bet amount. These options can be changed via the appropriate option found on the left of the screen. The total betting line limit is twenty, but can be lowered to just one, if the player prefers.

Remember; the more lines bet upon, the greater the chances of getting matching sequences, but the larger the bet required. Once the betting lines and bet have been set, the game can start by the player tapping the spin button. To find the spin button, simply look to the right of the screen. The reels will now spin. When the reels have come to a stop, symbols will be visible in the play area. Any matching sequences created will automatically be marked, and valid payouts will be made. Keep in mind that sequences must be created from left to right, but don’t necessarily have to be adjacent, depending on the amount of lines bet on. Betting lines and the bet amount may be changed between spins. If you would like more details on the matching sequences or bonus symbols, please tap the menu button, then select game info.