A Look at Baccarat

The origins of baccarat are not clear, but it seems the game has been around since the 1400’s and first appeared in France.  The word baccarat means zero in Italian and makes reference to the Kings, Queens and Jacks, having a zero value as well as a hand that adds up to zero.

Even though the game had been around for hundreds of years it took more than 500 years to become a top drawer casino game in Europe and was especially enjoyed by the French aristocracy.

There were several versions around and while the Europeans enjoyed Chemin de Fer, the English played punto banco, but it was the English version that was played in USA.  Versions that have remained popular are Punto Banco, Baccarat Banque and Chemin de fer.

How to Play Baccarat

Baccarat is purely a game of chance.  In the beginning the rules may be confusing, but it is not a difficult game and you will soon get the hang of it.  Of course your chances of winning are greater if you have an understanding of the rules.

There are three kinds of bets, either the bank wins, the player wins or there is a tie, the odds for there being a tie are very slim as this doesn’t happen very often.  Two hands will be dealt, one for the banker and the other for the player, one hand is dealt even though there may be multiple players.  The winner is the hand that is closest to 9.  There is no strategy involved as the player does not have any control over which cards are dealt.  At this point the bets are paid out to the winner.

Mobile Baccarat

Playing baccarat online presents some advantages to playing at a real casino.  With online casinos the player is given the opportunity to first try out the game before playing for real money and once the player feels comfortable with the rules, they can sign up for real money games.  Not all of us can fly to Vegas to play our favourite casino game, so online games are great and can be played anytime and in the comfort of your home.  No expensive accommodation or travelling expenses are necessary.

With the introduction of mobile Baccarat in the Philippines players now have instant access on their smartphone to their favourite Baccarat casino anytime.  Casinos have ensured that players will get the best gaming experience from their mobile devices and will be able to find their way around easily.  Filipino players will enjoy great bonuses and rewards while playing on their mobile devices and are given a number of payment choices making it easy and convenient to play.

Tips for Playing Baccarat

Although no real strategy is involved it is helpful to consider a few things.  Before playing Baccarat, whether at a real casino or online consider the amount of money you will be playing with, be careful not to spend money you do not have.

Make sure you understand the rules like enjoying real money slots for Android so that you avoid making any mistakes.  The next tip may go without saying, but is very important to make sure you are playing at a legitimate casino, whether playing online or on your mobile.  If you are a beginner try mini baccarat, the table limits are lower and there are fewer players.  Online casinos will offer free games where you have the opportunity to practice first before playing for real money.

Whether playing at a real casino or with your favourite mobile device, Baccarat offers hours of enjoyment!