How futures bets work

How Futures Bets Work

In the world of sports betting, there is a massive range of different bets that bookmakers offer; some are simple and straightforward, and others require research and large amounts of patients. Among the most popular bets available in Canada, the futures bet continues to stand out, and thanks to the prevalence of national sporting seasons and events, the futures bet will always have a place.

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How online betting has changed the industry

How Online Betting Has Changed the Industry

The online betting revolution was more than likely seen as the end of land based betting shops around the world but after more than 15 years of online betting, land based betting shops have stood the test of time. They may have not succumbed to an end but it does not mean that online betting has not changed the industry dramatically.

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Choosing a top online sports book

Choosing a Top Online Sports Book

Any sports bettors in Canada looking to bet online must only ever bet at top online sports books in order to have the safest experience and the best winning chances. It is common knowledge that financial transactions made online are not always safe from unscrupulous parties so making sure the chosen site uses strict security protocols and technology, has the best betting options, the most accurate odds and a host of other things is important.

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When exclusion limits get called in to question

When Exclusion Limits Get Called In To Question

Self-exclusion provides people with the opportunity to take a break from gambling. They are voluntary programmes that are offered by legal jurisdictions who govern and regulate the casino and gambling industry to provide an option for players who struggle with problem gambling in an effort to avoid further gambling.

There’s no question that self-exclusion programmes have an important role to play within a responsible gambling initiative but what happens when exclusion limits get called into question?

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A Look at the History of Roulette

As is the case with many of the most popular of today’s real money casino games, there are a number of theories as to just how the game of roulette originated.

The most popular one is that we have a Frenchman, Blaise Pascal, to thank for it, as he is widely held to have invented it during a monastic retreat in around 1655.

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History of Baccarat

History Of Baccarat

Most Canadians are already familiar with the game of baccarat, which is popular across the world. The game is in essence similar to blackjack, but with the goal to be as close to 9, as apposed to 21.

The player in baccarat also has no choice as to how a hand is played, but rather simply bets on whether they think the player hand, or dealer hand, will be the winner. Onlookers in baccarat may also bet on a hand being played, even if they are not the current player.

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cricket betting

Cricket Betting

The game of cricket is so much more than 22 men gathering around a pitch, trying to score.  Cricket is an intricate game, played in a variety of formats and styles.  In order to participate in successful cricket betting, it is imperative to understand the basic general and betting rules of the game.

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Cricket Bets

Cricket Bets

New Zealand has some of the top rated cricket players in the world, and likewise some of the top rated teams. The New Zealand people are also extremely passionate about the game, so it can simply be said that New Zealand as a whole is crazy about cricket. Many New Zealanders like to show support for their local teams by placing bets, which can now be done easier than ever before via the convenience of online bookmakers.

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